Property Information


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There are two opportunities to appeal appraised value at the county level. The first opportunity is in early spring when Notices of Appraised Value are mailed to property owners.  The second time to appeal is by Payment Under Protest in late spring or fall.  Once the appeal process has started, it is best to follow through until satisfied.  If an appeal is filed, no other appeal will be accepted for the same year.

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Appraisal Process

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An appraisal is the method established by Kansas statute to determine a property owner’s share of the taxes that support schools, roads, health and human service programs, parks, and police and fire protection. The county appraiser is responsible for listing and valuing property in a uniform and equal manner.

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Important Dates and Deadlines

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Descriptions of dates and deadlines for things such as when Personal Property renditions are sent to registered owners, the dues date for filing renditions for personal property leased, loaned, rented, consigned, or owned, when Notices of appraised value are mailed to personal property owners and more. 

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Personal Property

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A key characteristic of personal property is the ability to move it without damage either to itself or to the real estate to which it is attached. Personal property becomes real property only if it is affixed in such a way that it loses its original physical character and cannot practically be restored to its original condition.

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Forms for things such as Filing an appeal, Filing an Exemption, and Information Requests. 

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