Property Value Appeals

How are property values assessed?

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The Appraiser’s Office values all taxable property in the county. These appraisals determine a property owner’s shares of taxes that go toward public services, including:

  • Schools
  • Infrastructure
  • Health and human services
  • Parks and recreation
  • Police and fire

The appraiser is required to visit your property at least once every six years, and it uses an interview, exterior inspection and computer-generated data to determine your property value. Your property value could go up or down depending on several factors, including:

  • Up ↑: Home improvements such as finishing a basement or adding a room
  • Down ↓: Structural problems such as a foundation crack

Sales in your neighborhood can also make your property value go up or down.

Jan. 1 is the valuation date for all property for the current appraisal year. By law, your property is appraised at “fair market value” on this date. Notices of appraised value are then mailed to property owners on or before March 1.

What does the Appraiser's Office do?

What options do I have to appeal?

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There are two opportunities to appeal appraised value at the county level.

The first opportunity is an informal appeal when Notices of Appraised Value are mailed to property owners in spring.  The second is by payment under protest in late spring or fall when you pay your taxes.

Note: You may only submit one protest form per tax year, either an informal appeal or payment under protest.

To appeal, follow these steps:

1. Submit an appeal application

You may submit an informal appeal application through the appeal portal, or fill out the back of your Notice of Appraised Value and submit it by mail to:

Johnson County Appraiser’s Office
ATTN: Hearing Coordinator
11811 S Sunset Dr., Suite 2100
Olathe, KS 66061

You may submit a payment under protest application through the appeal portal, or fill out this PDF and submit via email at or mail to:

Johnson County Treasurer
ATTN: Protest Processing
111 S. Cherry St., Suite 1200
Olathe, KS 66061

Payment under protest applications are due no later than Dec. 20 (if you pay your taxes yourself), Jan. 31 (if your taxes are paid by a mortgage company), or May 10 (if you’re paying second-half taxes or making a full payment late).

2. Participate in a hearing

As part of the appeals process, you must then participate in a hearing, where you will provide information to support the value of your property. There are three options for your hearing:

  • Based on evidence: No telephone or in-person contact. Satisfies requirement to hold a meeting. Evidence must accompany the appeal application.
  • Phone: 20-minute phone conversation with an appraiser.
  • In person: 20-minute in-person meeting with an appraiser.

The County Appraiser’s Office will mail you a confirmation letter once your appeal hearing is scheduled with their office. Learn more about how to prepare for an appeal hearing.

3. Other options

If you disagree with the results of your appeal, you have 30 days from the mailing date to file an appeal with the State Board of Tax Appeals:

  • Small Claims Division: A hearing officer hired by the state will listen to information and ask questions presented by property owners. A county appraiser will also be present during the 20-30-minute hearing. A decision will be mailed within 30 days.
  • Regular Division: Board members appointed by the governor will attend a hearing. Appraisers from the county will make their presentation, then property owners can present their case. A decision will be mailed within 30-60 days.

The county will include a form and filing instructions for filing to the State Board of Tax Appeals.

Using the appeal portal

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Create an account

Start by heading to the appeals portal. You will need to create a new account. Hit “Create New Account.”

  • If you are an individual appealing one or a few properties, select “Individual.”
  • If you’re a tax representative or are appealing many properties, select “Tax Representative.”

Fill out the fields and hit “Create.”

Access the portal

Once you create your account and are in the portal, you will have the choice of selecting “Informal Appeal” or “Payment Under Protest.” Please know which appeal type you are filing. ​

Note: If you’re not within the time frame and guidelines of filing an informal appeal or payment under protest appeal, the portal will not accept the filing.  ​

After selecting the type of appeal, follow the instructions to submit your appeal.

Informal appeal (individual):

  1. To submit an appeal application, click on the Informal Appeal icon.
  2. Search for the property you want to appeal using the property quickref number, parcel number, address, or owner name.
  3. Fill out the electronic informal appeal application.
  4. Click submit.

Payment under protest (individual):

  1. Click “I agree” on the disclosure.
  2. Click the Protest icon.
  3. Search for the property you want to appeal using the property quickref number, parcel number, address, or owner name.
  4. Fill out the electronic payment under the protest application.
  5. Click submit.

If you have questions, contact the Appraiser’s Office Support Services Team at 913-715-9000 or