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Johnson County Courthouse

Johnson County District Court has no in-person proceedings at the courthouse this week

Over the past several weeks, the Johnson County District Court has been constantly reviewing plans and its timetable for the phased re-entry into the courthouse and a return to full in-person operations. 

Given the rise people testing positive for the coronavirus, including people in the Court family itself and those who use the courthouse regularly in the practice of law, and other cases of people known to staff personally who have tested positive in the past few days, Chief Judge Ryan, in consultation with the Pandemic Response Team, has concluded the most prudent step is to call off all of the in-person hearings or other proceedings scheduled for the courthouse the week of July 13. 

"We must be cautious and responsible to minimize exposure to ourselves, our staff and the public who use the courthouse facilities expecting to be safe. We must remember we are still dealing with a highly contagious and unpredictable disease that is extremely dangerous to certain high-risk individuals around us," a release from the Court said.

For these same reasons, members of the public are restricted from coming to the Clerk’s Office or any Court-related offices for any purpose and will return to the phone/email/online means of assisting the public and the attorneys for this coming week.

The Court will continue to review the ever-changing situation. If you have questions about a particular case, contact the assigned division. 

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