Johnson County Department of Health and Environment asks for community input on revised codes

Give Us Your Feedback on the drafts of the new sanitary and aquatic health codes

The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment is asking the community to review and provide feedback on the proposed changes in the revised Sanitary Code (Draft 2) and Aquatic Health Code (Draft 2).

Two public meetings were held on March 26 and March 27 to introduce the Sanitary Code (Draft 1) and Aquatic Health Code (Draft 1), answer questions and gather feedback from residents. New drafts of each code were developed based on this feedback.

A second public meeting to review the Aquatic Health Code (Draft 2) is scheduled for May 9 from 3:30-5 p.m. at the Sunset Building, Room 1055. Staff will go over the changes from the Aquatic Health Code (Draft 1) and answer any questions from attendees. Feedback from residents about the revised Aquatic Health Code can be sent to through May 31.

JCDHE will seek approval from the Board of County Commissioners on May 2 to submit the revised Sanitary Code draft to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for review. Both the revised Sanitary Code and the revised Aquatic Health Code drafts will be brought to the Board for approval and adoption in July or August. JCDHE will request that both codes become effective Jan. 1, 2025.

The purpose of updating the Johnson County Sanitary Code and Aquatic Health Code is to ensure public health through safe, evidence-based practice in the management of residential and commercial septic systems, drinking water wells, wastewater ponds/lagoons, and public and semi-public swimming pools, spas and public beaches.

“We appreciate everyone in the community who provided input and feedback on the revised codes. This input was used to make changes and improvements which will help us minimize disease and contamination of these systems and ensure the public health, safety, comfort and well-being of the community," said Charlie Hunt, JCDHE director.

Learn more about the Sanitary Code and septic systems and the Aquatic Health Code and swimming pools.

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