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Facilities Management

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Public Art Commission

The Public Art Commission was established in the 2006 Resolution (121-06) and amended by 2017 Resolution (090-17).

The purpose of the Public Art Program is to recognize that works of art are public improvements and should be a prominent part of Johnson County's profile.  The program is intended to provide a mechanism for the commissioning, accessioning, and financing of major works of art by the County Government in conjunction with its public improvement projects.

The Commission meets six times per year at the Arts and Heritage Center, 8788 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m., unless otherwise posted.  All meetings are posted on the Facilities calendar as well as the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners' calendar.


  • Christopher Leitch, 1st District
  • Larry Meeker, Chair, 2nd District
  • Bess Wallerstein Huff, 3rd District
  • Martin Pyle, 4th District
  • Gregory Mains, 5th District
  • Stacey Knoell, 6th District
  • Mary Tearney, Vice Chair, BOCC Chairman Representative
  • Jeff Serven, Arts Council of Johnson County Representative
  • Brad Reinhardt, Johnson County Facilities Representative


The Johnson County Public Art Program will be nationally recognized for its contributions to a culturally rich environment that binds its diverse population into a community of choice.

The Johnson County Public Art Program is structured to create unique works of art commissioned by the County and installed for the benefit and illumination of citizens.  Such works are vital to making our County a vibrant and desirable place to live, work, be educated, and grow a business.  The Program envisions that such works of art, implemented in the broadest range of media and methods, can cultivate a sense of community and amplify connections between the multiple cities, towns, neighborhoods and public places comprising Johnson County.  The public art program, collections and initiatives will encourage awareness of and appreciation for the services provided by County government and will advance the missions of the County departments wherein the projects reside.


To foster a multi-dimensional approach to the Johnson County 1% for Public Art Program that raises the arts and cultural profile of the County and region.

The Public Art Program demonstrates the County's commitment to enhancing the collective quality of life for County residents and to making the County culturally rich and engaging.  The Johnson County Public Art Program is a key element of "all major capital building programs undertaken and/or funded, in whole or in part, by the County."  The public arts works commissioned through the Program are integral to their locations and settings.  Through direct visits, publication, and other multi-dimensional programs such works sharpen the dynamic profile of the County, its facilities and services.