Public Records Subscription Services

The Johnson County Treasury, Taxation, and Vehicle index is a guide to help you find documents and information that has been recorded in our office. Every effort has been made to provide reliable information on this site. To insure the accuracy of your search, please review the recorded document. Documents recorded between 1920 - 1987 and plats between 1866 to current are now available.

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Online Subscribers

Fee Information

Subscribers to the Johnson County Treasury, Taxation, and Vehicle online public record index will pay a fee.

Available subscription options: 

  • Monthly Billing Fee = $175 per month 
  • Quarterly Billing Fee = $500 per quarter
  • Yearly Billing Fee = $2000 per year 

Reconnection of Service Fee due to non-payment = $50 to be paid before service is reconnected

Subscriber Benefits

Subscribers will receive the following benefits:

  • Search the Johnson County land records index for documents recorded from 1920 to the present.
  • Access a single document or a related document set.
  • View and/or print unlimited copies of document images.
  • Access images usually within a week of filing.
  • Subscription Agreement Package