RideKC Freedom Services in Johnson County

RideKC Freedom in Johnson County is a shared ride, non-ADA curb-to-curb transportation service (also called paratransit, and formerly known as Special Edition). The RideKC Freedom program provides service for eligible residents of Johnson County who are not able to use the fixed route bus or micro transit service because of a disability. It is also available to Johnson County residents who are 65 or older, and unable to use the bus or micro transit service because of mobility limitations. 

Many customers find our bus routes or micro transit service is often the best, most economical way for disabled or disadvantaged customers to get to where they need to go. Because of this, bus, micro transit and all RideKC services are fully accessible and serve customers with disabilities and varying needs each day.  

Because the demand for these special transit services is high, it is very important that each customer carefully follow the program guidelines.  The service area covers all of Johnson County and points in Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, MO 

Individuals interested in using RideKC Freedom paratransit services in Johnson County must apply through an application process.  At a minimum, a paper application is required and can be emailed or mailed. All applications are also subject to a telephone interview, as deemed necessary by the RideKC Freedom Eligibility Department (customers will be contacted if a phone interview is needed) 

For more information on our program, please email eligibility@kcata.org or call 816-842-9070, Option 5 

To schedule, reschedule or cancel your rides, please call 913-362-3500.

Eligibility - How to Ride - Policy

Once eligible for RideKC Freedom, customers may also want to try the on-demand paratransit service called RideKC Freedom on Demand.  It offers customers the ability to pay a discounted taxi rate for extended service hours and same-day trips. 

Freedom on Demand

Interested in learning more about micro transit or our fixed route bus services? 

Micro transit

Fixed Route

For more information on RideKC Freedom in KCMO, Wyandotte County, and Independence, MO, please visit https://ridekc.org/mobility-services 

Reasonable Modification Requests

A reasonable modification for purposes of paratransit is a modification to RideKC Freedom’s policies, practices or procedures that is requested by an eligible customer to ensure they are able to use the paratransit system.

To request a reasonable modification to current policies, practices or procedures, please call Customer Service at 913-362-3500 and press 2to request a Reasonable Modification Request Form.   

You can also find the form on the RideKC website here:
English - I wanna use these forms but put different contact information on the bottom – it should be  email johnsoncountytransit@jocogov.org or mail Johnson County Transit, Attn Mobility Services, 1701 56 Hwy, Olathe, 66061
Spanish same as the English version.

RideKC Freedom may deny requests for modifications where:

  1. Granting the request would fundamentally alter the nature of services, programs, or activities

  1. Granting the request would create a direct threat to the health or safety of others

  1. It is determined that the customer is able to fully use the entity’s services, programs, or activities for their intended purpose without the requested modification

  1. Granting the request would cause an unreasonable financial or administrative burden.

For more information contact a Customer Service agent at 913-362-3500 or by email at johnsoncountytransit@jocogov.org

Reasonable Modification Complaints

If you would like to file a complaint regarding the service or determination of your reasonable modification request, please contact the Reasonable Modification Coordinator at 913-362-3500 or by email at johnsoncountytransit@jocogov.org . RideKC will review and investigate each complaint regarding reasonable modification that is filed and respond to you, with a reason for the response, within 14 calendar days.

Reasonable Modification Coordinator

The manager of Mobility Services is the person designated to coordinate the efforts of RideKC to comply with reasonable modification requirements including determinations of requests and handling complaints.

Tips on Scheduling your RideKC Freedom Rides

Remember to schedule at least 24 hours in advance

Have the following information ready: 

Your RideKC Freedom identification number (located on your Freedom photo ID card)

The day and date you want to travel

The time you need to arrive at your destination or your appointment time (30-minute pickup window)

The time you want to return (30-minute pickup window)

The complete street address and city of your destination

Will a service animal, attendant or companion be traveling with you? If so, tell the reservations agent when you schedule your trip.

Do you use a mobility device or require an accessible vehicle?  If so, tell the coordinator when you schedule your trip.

Going to a hospital, shopping mall, or other destination with several entrances? Tell the coordinator which door you will use for your pick-up and return trips.

Are there stairs, locked security entrances, locked gates, fencing? Is the street you live on difficult to find, etc.? If so, please tell the coordinator. These factors may affect the driver’s ability to reach you.

For more information on our program, please email eligibility@kcata.org or call 816-842-9070, Option 5

To schedule, reschedule or cancel your rides, please call 913-362-3500

Inclement weather – Freedom and Microtransit

RideKC Notifications QR code

RideKC Notifications QR code

RideKC Notify https://ridekc.org/rider-guide/ridekc-notify)

During inclement weather, road conditions may cause delays for Micro Transit or RideKC Freedom.

Phase A: Many customers may experience delays of 30 to 60 minutes past scheduled pickup times.
Phase B: Significant delays are occurring system wide with some customers experiencing delays of more than 60 minutes past their scheduled pickup times. 
Phase C: Delays of over 1 hour are likely with significantly longer delays possible. Customers with non-critical trips are encouraged to cancel and re-schedule. 
Phase D: Due to extremely hazardous conditions, service is temporarily suspended. Customers should contact Reservations to re-schedule their trips.