About DTI

The Department of Technology and Innovation (DTI) is the primary technology provider for Johnson County Government, working with other County technology groups including Justice Information Management Systems (JIMS), Library (JCL), and Parks and Recreation (JCPRD).

DTI serves, partners with, and enables over 4,300 users, including most County Departments, Offices, and Agencies, along with some Johnson County Fire Districts, Cities, Police Departments, and related entities.

Our services to Johnson County users include:

  • Application Development and Support
  • Audio/Video Conference Support
  •  Automated Information Mapping System (AIMS)
  • Cyber Security and Technology Risk Management
  • End-User Technology Support
  • Enterprise Resource Planning and Human Resource Management System 
  • Hardware Standards
  • Network and Phone Connectivity
  • Server and Storage Hosting
  • Technology Asset Management and Purchasing.
  • Technology Project Management

Residents and Businesses primarily interact with DTI via AIMS for mapping services.

DTI also provides Cyber Security awareness to residents, especially during October’s Cyber Security Month.

Our Vision
To be a world-class innovative technology partner enabling effective government.

Our Mission
We are dedicated to providing secure, accessible, supportable, and efficient services to County employees, partners, and the community; while fostering an engaging, collaborative, and productive environment that enables learning, creativity, and growth for our staff.