Sprayer and Rental Equipment

noxious weed spray equipment

The Noxious Weed department has large sprayers available for rent, to be used on farmland located in Johnson County, Kansas.  Sprayer rental is offered on a first come first serve basis, so please call the Noxious Weed department at 913-715-8358

Gas Powered Sprayer Rental

Please note: Sprayers will ONLY be rented for use on farmland located in Johnson County, Kansas.

  • Rental fee of $25 per day, plus a $100 refundable deposit, payable by cash or check only.
  • First come first serve, 913-715-8358
  • Requires a 2" ball hitch
  • 200 gallon tank covers 10 acres
  • No glyphosate allowed in tanks

Herbicide Application Reference Materials

Pesticide Applicator Study Manual

Small Sprayer Calibration Guide for 1 gallon sprayer

Boom Sprayer Calibration Guide

  1. Measure the distance in inches between 2 spray tip nozzles on your sprayer. Count the number of spray tip nozzles on the sprayer.
  2. Use a tape measure to flag or mark in your yard the distance listed in the chart for your test run.
  3. On a level surface, fill your sprayer with water to the full mark.
  4. If your sprayer has a pressure gauge, turn on the pump and set the pressure to 30 PSI. (If you are unable to adjust the pressure, proceed with the factory settings.)
  5. Once at the beginning of the test run distance, turn on the pump and spray the test run distance at a consistent speed that you intend to drive when spraying. When to the end of the test run, turn off the sprayer pump and park on a level surface. (This spraying speed must be the same every time you spray so be sure to remember it.)
  6. Measure the amount of water it takes to fill the sprayer back to the full mark. (Repeat steps 5 and 6 three times).
  7. The average in Step 6 is the amount of solution your sprayer will spray on 1,000 sq. ft. of turf or area.

Boomless Sprayer Application

Pesticide Measurement Application

Equipment to Reduce Spray Drift

Strategies to Reduce Spray Drift

Sprayer Operating Guidelines

*Be sure to familiarize yourself with sprayer operation BEFORE adding herbicide*

*Non-selective herbicides (Arsenal, Roundup etc.) are not allowed in sprayer.

Herbicide Rental Sprayer Operating Instructions

*Sprayer must not be towed above 35 mph. Sprayer must not bounce in transport or while in use.
*Sprayer engine uses unleaded gasoline and 30W oil in the engine and pump.
*Sprayer operating speed is 3-5 mph (round tank), 5-7 mph (square tank).
*Spraying width is 36-38 feet.

  1. Stretch rope into cab or onto tractor seat.
  2. Fill sprayer with half the amount of water needed.
  3. Check that red lever and red handle are both in “up” position.
  4. Turn ignition switch to on position.
  5. Move gray choke lever to the left.
  6. Pull rope until engine starts, then move choke lever back to the right.
  7. Push red lever and red handle down.
  8. To use handgun, leave red handle up and push black handle down.
  9. Pull and release rope to start or stop spraying.
  10. Once you are familiar with sprayer operation, add the correct amount of herbicide and water, then let the pump agitate for 5 minutes.
  11. If using a surfactant, add the correct amount and let pump agitate for 5 minutes.
  12. Sprayer is now ready for operation.
  13. When spraying is completed, please add 10 gallons to rinse out tank. Rinse handgun if used.
  14. Sprayer must be returned empty.

** Please note: equipment rental customers are responsible for any and all damages due to negligence (parts and labor).

Herbicide Sprayer Safety

  1. Always read and follow herbicide label directions. The label is the law!
  2. Be sure to don safety glasses, waterproof gloves, long pants, long sleeves and leather footwear prior to filling the sprayer.
  3. Fill sprayer with water only to test and familiarize the operation and controls. Then add herbicide.
  4. Constantly monitor sprayer for leaks when operating. Shut engine off immediately if any leaks are detected.
  5. Return sprayer for repair, as needed.