Applied suicide intervention skills trainings

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is for caregivers who want to feel more comfortable, confident and competent in helping to prevent the immediate risk of suicide. ASIST is a resource for the whole community. It helps people apply suicide first-aid in many settings: with family, friends, co-workers, teammates and formal caregiving roles.

JCMHC Asist trainers

The workshop includes: 

  • Presentations and guidance from two LivingWorks registered trainers 
  • A scientifically proven intervention model 
  • Workbook, videos and interactive activities  
  • Group discussions 
  • Opportunity to practice skills  
  • A balance of challenge and safety  

This two day training has benefited a variety of audiences including: primary care professionals, clergy, school personnel and educators, law enforcement, mental health professionals and the general public. 

Feedback from past participants:  

"Presenters helped us feel comfortable discussing a difficult subject. I feel much more confident now." 

"Excellent course. I found it very applicable and useful." 

"Enjoyed everything about ASIST. Great workgroup and a good combination of Mental Health professionals and others." 

"Great training! Very practical and engaging."  

"I feel more secure having an actual framework to work from if faced with this situation." 


Interested in signing up for ASIST?

To sign up for a workshop, please contact Prevention Services at 913-715-7880 or [email protected] .

As of August 2021, 532 participants have completed this two-day training. To sign up for a workshop, please contact Prevention Services at 913-715-7880 or [email protected]