Certifications and Inspections


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JCHA obtains updated information at least annually from each family participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program to determine if they remain eligible to receive rental assistance.

After the updated information has been verified, JCHA will mail out rent change letters to the owner/landlord and the family.  The rent change letter will outline the new Housing Assistance Payment as well as the family's rent amount obligation.

If the family fails to participate in the certification process, JCHA will initiate termination of the family's assistance. When the rental assistance is terminated, the family and owner/landlord will be notified thirty days prior to the cancellation date. If the family remains in the unit after the cancellation date, they will be responsible for the full rent amount to owner.

HQS Inspections

In accordance with HUD regulations (24CFR 982 405 a) JCHA conducts annual unit inspections to ensure that the unit continues to meet Housing Quality Standards (HQS).  An inspection may occur more frequently if needed.

If the unit fails an HQS inspection, the owner/landlord must take corrective action within a specified period of time, unless JCHA approves an extension. If an HQS violation is life threatening, the owner/landlord must correct the defect within 24 hours. If the corrective action is not taken, JCHA will abate (stop) the HAP until the repairs are made. The owner will not recover the monies for the time for which the unit has been under abatement for non-compliance with HQS.

During abatement the family is still responsible for paying ONLY their portion of the rent.  The owner may not collect JCHA's portion from the resident. If the owner/landlord fails to correct all the deficiencies cited prior to end of the abatement period, the HAP Contract will be terminated and the family will be issued a voucher to move.

Housing Voucher Inspections

Rent Adjustments

The owner/landlord may not increase the rent during the first twelve months of the HAP contract. Thereafter the owners may request an increase by submitting a written Contract Rent Increase Request to JCHA , as well as to the family, 60 days prior to the date of the requested increase.

The adjustment to the contract rent MUST meet rent reasonableness and be approved by JCHA. If approved, JCHA will provide a written notice to both the owner/landlord and the family informing them of any adjustments to the HAP or the family's portion of rent.

The owner/landlord may not collect a higher rent from the resident if JCHA denies the rent increase request.

Top Inspection Requirements

  • All doors accessible from the outside and all windows must be lockable. (Also, no cracked glass or holes in screens.  Screens are required.)
  • Any chipping, peeling, and loose paint must be removed from all interior and exterior surfaces with affected areas cleaned up appropriately (regardless of the age of the unit or the tenant's age). For lead-safe work practices see hud.gov.
  • Each bedroom must have an openable window.
  • A working smoke detector is required on each level of the unit.
  • All utilities must be turned on with all related items functioning properly and safely.
  • Bathrooms must have a working exhaust vent or openable window.
  • A handrail is required along four (4) or more steps.
  • Unit must have working stove with oven (all knobs present) and refrigerator. All built-in appliances must work properly.
  • All floors must be clean and free from hazardous defects (tripping hazards, etc.).
  • Electrical system must be free of any defects (no cracked or broken cover plates, globes or covers on light fixtures, no frayed or bare wires, etc.).
  • Unit freshly painted and cleaned to move-in condition.
  • Unit free of mildew/mold including common areas.
  • No plumbing leaks or dripping faucets.
  • Furnaces over 10 years old will require a certified furnace statement.
  • Hot water tank must have a pressure relief value and a discharge line 6 to 8 inches from the floor.
  • No roof leaks or water stains on ceiling.
  • Unit and yard must be free from trash and other debris.
  • All receptacles with in 6" of a water source must be GFCI protected.
  • Although there are many Housing Quality Standards requirements, these are some of the most obvious deficiencies.

**Please be advised that if the inspector determines there are excessive repairs needed the inspection will not be completed.