Air Quality Public Notices

Public notices are required by the Clean Air Act for new Class I and Class II Operating Permits. For facilities in Johnson County, Kansas all air quality permits are written by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment-Bureau of Air (KDHE-BOA).

Public notices are also often required for new or changes to current regulations, planning (State Implementation Plan), and monitoring documents.

KDHE-BOA lists all required public notices below, which does include the entire state of Kansas, not just Johnson County. If you wish to review any of these proposed documents or the operating permit, click on the link to download. Follow the directions at the bottom of the Public Notice to make a comment. If you have any questions regarding a document for a facility in Johnson County, call or make an appointment to discuss it with our air quality staff at 913-715-6900.

Should you wish to make official comments for the record, or have more detailed questions, the public notice will provide the appropriate contact name at KDHE.

KDHE Public Notices