Web Emergency Operations Center

Johnson County Emergency Management maintains an online incident management system that increases the ability to coordinate disaster response and recovery with city, county, state and federal disaster response partners.



The software connects the County Emergency Operations Center with all cities in Johnson County, metro area emergency operations centers, the state of Kansas EOC, as well as other partners in emergency/disaster response.

WebEOC is a web-based application that allows the county and cities to communicate and coordinate response and recovery operations in secure, real-time environment. It can allow access to state and national weather trends, satellite images, mapping information, details of operations in other jurisdictions, local, regional and even national resource status and other data vital to the efficient management of any contingency.

The entire MARC Homeland Security region of eight counties is also using WebEOC, allowing the integration of operations and expand the communications capabilities of all impacted jurisdictions as well as jurisdictions providing mutual aid.

This system is one of many tools being used by Johnson County to ensure the best possible disaster/emergency response and recovery system.

New Users & WebEOC Support

New Users: WebEOC access is only granted to organizations that have an operational role in emergency/disaster response. Most organizations already have user accounts and a WebEOC coordinator that facilitates access to WebEOC for new users in their organization.

If you don't know who your organization's contact person is, Johnson County Emergency Management (JCEM) can help you get in touch with that person and will assist in getting you appropriate access. If your organization is a partner in emergency/disaster response in Johnson County and does not currently use WebEOC, please contact JCEMHS to begin the process of setting your organization up to use WebEOC. This can be done by calling 913-715-1007 or emailing Trent Pittman at tpittman@jocogov.org.

WebEOC Support: Contact JCEMat 913-782-3038 or webeocsupport@jocogov.org if you need WebEOC support or have questions about how to use WebEOC. Please note that passwords are managed by each organization or individual user and JCEMHS does not maintain a list of passwords.

Emergency WebEOC Support: While 913-782-3038 and webeocsupport@jocogov.org are the best methods for everyday WebEOC support, they are not answered 24 hours a day. The JCEM Duty Officer is available during non-office hours to resolve issues with WebEOC during emergencies/disasters.

All organizations that utilize WebEOC should know how to contact the JCEM Duty Officer. If your organization does not, please contact JCEM to find out how before the next emergency/disaster.

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