2020 Blog Entries


A women preparing food during the holidays.

Celebrate safely this holiday season

November 17

The holiday season is upon us, and this time of year is typically filled with communal meals and large gatherings of families and friends. Unfortunately, COVID-19 cases have been increasing at an alarming rate and these traditional activities are not safe.

APR Sunflower

Infection Control Plan: Reminder to Families

November 5

We hope you and your family are doing well. As we all continue to navigate through the pandemic and provide services in the safest manner possible, we're am sending this reminder about the JCDS Infection Control Plan.


JCDS Shannon at 2019 Project Search graduation

"What my job means to me"

October 28

Project SEARCH graduate Shannon Michuda accepted a proclamation from the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners for National Disability Employment Awareness Month. 

Warehouse worker.

Removing barriers to employment for people with disabilities

October 23

“So what do you do for a living?” Many of us have been asked that question when we meet someone new: it is often one of the first things we try to find out about someone.

APR Sunflower

Reopening Plan Update: Day Services

October 21

JCDS is now beginning to resume the transition process for JCDS day services at the Elmore Center. Although we had hoped to progress a little more quickly, we chose to pause for nearly four months as we waited for the local COVID-19 data to stabilize.


Family preparing for first day of school in front of home.

Reopening Plan Update: Risk/Benefit Assessment Guide

August 7

The transition process for JCDS day services at the Elmore Center has slowly progressed over the past month, and we have added just a few more people to the program since the last update. 


Brad from JCDS removing a customized mask, revealing another customized mask.

Local mask mandates and JCDS

July 16

Governor Laura Kelly issued an executive order July 2 mandating face masks and other face coverings in public to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 


Outside view of building entrance to Developmental Supports.

Reopening Plan Update: Day Services

June 29

JCDS day services at the Elmore Center has continued to take a cautious approach to reopening, and by June 29 we will be providing services to 17 people in Work Enrichment and six people in Life Enrichment.

Women assisting man at a table.

Reopening Plan Update: Visitation Guidance & Day Services

June 5

The reopening of the economy in Kansas is ongoing, but the threat of COVID-19 remains.


Group of people with hand made signs and posers outside of home.

The #ForgottenFaces of the COVID-19 Pandemic

May 18

"A little over a year ago, I was moving from Los Angeles to Kansas to take a position as the new CDDO Director for Johnson County."

Man sitting at a table working.

Day Services Transition Plan

May 1

The stay-at-home order for Kansas may be coming to an end May 3, but unfortunately, the risk of COVID-19 will not go away because we begin to leave our homes or businesses reopen. 


women on a couch with a laptop.

From Project SEARCH to Telework

April 23

Millions of people are now teleworking as offices have closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Project SEARCH graduate Shannon Michuda is one of those workers.

women helping women in bed.

JCDS Strong

April 15

Our lives have changed dramatically due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.


Staff sitting around conference table.

JCDS staff enjoy "Sound of Silence" Program

January 24

When you walk through the halls of Johnson County Developmental Supports, you may notice several staff members using American Sign Language. And now, thanks to a new program created by community employment specialists Vicki Besco and Tasha Markovich, the number of employees learning ASL is increasing.