Juvenile Corrections House Arrest

The Juvenile House Arrest Program is the highest level of supervision available to youth in the community. The program provides an alternative to incarceration. House Arrest operates from within the Adult Residential Center at 141 Mission Pkwy, New Century, KS, 66031. You can contact them at 913-715-6400.

Juveniles are monitored electronically through radio frequency, GPS, Breathalyzers and Transdermal testing. House Arrest Officers also randomly visit the juvenile’s home without notice.

The House Arrest Program is available to youth through three different avenues:

  • Pre-Sentence: Youth who are waiting first appearances or trials and are ordered by the court to be supervised pending court action.
  • Post-Sentence: Includes youth awaiting out of home placement, evaluations, or treatment. In addition, youth may be placed on the House Arrest Program as a condition of probation initially, or to address a violation.
  • Conditional Release: Juveniles who have been released from the Kansas State Juvenile Correctional Facilities may be placed on House Arrest to promote success through greater structure or to address a violation of their Conditional Release Contract.

While limiting the juvenile's freedom by requiring him/her to remain in their home, the program allows for a highly monitored schedule which can include:

  • School
  • Treatment
  • Religious life
  • Employment
  • Probation meetings

A client who violates the rules of the House Arrest Contract may be lodged in the Juvenile Detention Center, or Adult Detention Center, if over 18. A Detention Hearing will be held within forty-eight hours.