Our support services

Stronger through...

...working together to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through our workforce

In addition to our pandemic response and recovery for the community, it was essential for Johnson County Government to protect our workforce. Focusing on the health and safety of our staff and maintaining continuity of our operations meant that we could continue to serve our community with the vital programs and services on which they rely.

In 2021, departments such as Health and Environment, Human Resources, our Emergency Management division, Facilities Management, the County Manager’s Office, the Department of Technology and Innovation and many others collaborated tirelessly to:

  • Provide staff with vaccinations and testing
  • Develop an online system for employees to report their vaccinations
  • Conduct disease investigation, contract tracing, as well as manage quarantines and isolations
  • Make personal protective equipment available
  • Develop deep-cleaning protocols for offices and public areas of buildings
  • Provide technical support for staff to work remotely

...collaborating on solutions and support to benefit staff and the community

At the end of 2021, the Legal Department worked with county departments and the BOCC to enter joint litigation on an opioid settlement with the Kansas Attorney General, the League of Kansas Municipalities, and the Kansas Association of Counties. This action is expected to give the county the best possible chance of maximizing settlement funds to address the effects of this crisis.

Other support service departments including Department of Technology and Innovation, Human Resources, Audit, the County Manager’s Office provided ongoing support all year to make sure employees had the resources they needed to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities with training, technical support, communication and guidance from leadership. DTI educated employees on cybersecurity and provided easy ways for them to report phishing or suspicious emails. HR partnered with departments, agencies and offices to recruit and retain a talented and dynamic workforce.

...encouraging wellness activities to support staff health

The Financial Management and Administration Department launched an enhanced employee wellness program in 2021. The program allows participating employees and spouses to earn points for various wellness and fitness activities, with the opportunity to reduce their medical plan contributions for the following year.

This and other health and wellness activities paid of for the organization in 2021. Johnson County’s workplace was designated as PLATINUM Level Healthy KC Certified by the Greater Kansas City Chamber. This annual certification highlights Greater Kansas City organizations that meet the qualifications outlined by the KC Chamber that help promote workplace culture of health and wellness for our region.