COVID-19 Testing

Getting tested for COVID-19 is the best and most reliable way to determine if you’re infected. There are a variety of options for tests throughout the Johnson County community, including testing sites and at-home test kits.

The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment encourages you to get tested if you’re showing symptoms of coronavirus or have been exposed to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19, and to follow proper guidelines to avoid infecting others if you test positive. Learn more about testing options available and how you can report your results.

Get tested for COVID-19

Testing is available at testing sites and pharmacies across the Kansas City metropolitan area. Visit these websites to find a testing location near you: No-Cost COVID-19

A limited number of at-home rapid (antigen) testing kits are also available each day at five Johnson County Library locations: Antioch, Cedar Roe, Central Resource, Gardner, Leawood Pioneer and Monticello.

On Dec. 15, 2022, the federal government announced that every U.S. household is eligible to receive four free at-home COVID-19 tests by mail. Place an order.

Learn more about getting tested for COVID-19

Report your COVID-19 test results

Help JCDHE get a better understanding of the spread of COVID-19 in Johnson County by reporting your at-home rapid (antigen) test results – whether positive or negative. These numbers can determine if spread is increasing or decreasing in the community. Contact tracing will not be done as a result of reporting your test result.

Learn more about reporting COVID-19 test results