Sunset Building

front entrance of the building on sunset drive

The Johnson County, Kansas Sunset Drive Office Building opened in 2006. It was conceived to be an outstanding example of excellence and foresight for public capital investment. Although built primarily to provide more space for county departments, ability to provide their services and to reduce county dependence on leased office space, this building set a new regional standard for high performance in government facilities.

The building was Johnson County’s inaugural leap into high-performing buildings and received a LEEDTM Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The facility provides an outstanding working environment and is designed to be extremely cost-effective to own and operate.

A high degree of adaptability and flexibility is available through the building’s moveable and changeable floor, wall and ventilation systems. This approach allows for modifications, resulting from growth and business process changes, to be accomplished quickly, efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. The building was designed and with highly insulated skin and state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning systems.

A walking trail leads visitors through the adjacent wooded area and around the building. A self-guided tour takes the public and staff through a variety of environmental features of the building and identifies native plants and materials.



11811 S. Sunset Drive
Olathe, KS 66061
United States