Publicly Financed Sewer Main Application

Publicly financed sewer mains are are the larger diameter sewer mains that serve sub-watersheds within one of the many primary watersheds in JCW's service area.  Publicly financed sewer main projects can be initiated by JCW, cities, developers or property owners. Request a meeting or project.

Privately Financed Sewer Main Application

Privately financed sewer mains are engineered and constructed by a developer's engineering and construction teams.  Johnson County Wastewater reviews the sewer main plans and construction for compliance with JCW and state regulations. Request a project

Industrial Sewer Permits

Johnson County Wastewater's Industrial Pretreatment Program regulates industrial wastewater discharges so that toxic materials do not interfere with wastewater treatment systems or pass through to receiving streams. Find requirements and apply for industrial permits. 

Sewer Use Credit

Enroll in Johnson County's Sewer Use Credit, a voluntary program for commercial customers who install a deduct meter for water not entering the sanitary sewer.

Water Quality Testing

Johnson County Wastewater's Water Quality Laboratory provides analytical and consulting services for private citizens, state and federal agencies, municipalities, industries, engineering firms and environmental organizations.

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