Tenants Guide to Smoke-Free Living

The most effective way to eliminate secondhand smoke in a multi-unit building is for your landlord to make the building completely smoke-free.


Many renters already know and the Centers for Disease Control has confirmed that secondhand smoke can seep through air ducts, cracks in flooring and walks, stairwells, hallways, elevator shafts, plumbing, electrical lines and open windows.

Getting Started

The landlord guide and steps can help you implement a smoke-free policy in your Johnson County apartment and multi-tenant community.

How to Quit Smoking

Smokers who want to quit increase their success by 40% when they participate in quit-smoking programs and classes.


Owners and managers in Johnson County can protect their investments from secondhand smoke.

Smoke-Free Properties

Find properties in Johnson County that have already declared they are smoke-free multi-housing for their residents.

Smoke-Free Living

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Johnson County residents deserve healthier, safer places to live in multi-unit housing.

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