Public hearings scheduled in August as part of 2023 budget process

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Public hearings are coming up in August as the 2023 budget process continues.

These public hearings will be opportunities for the public to provide feedback on the proposed budget and Johnson County’s intent to exceed the revenue neutral rate.

Two hearings are scheduled, one for the taxing districts of Johnson County, Johnson County Park and Recreation, and the Johnson County Library and another for the taxing district of Fire District No. 2.

The dates and times of these hearings are as follows, both taking place in the Hearing Room at the County Administration Building, 111 Cherry St.:

Public hearings for the budget are part of the budget process each year. Because the county plans to exceed the “revenue neutral rate,” a revenue neutral rate hearing is also required, as well as the passing of a resolution.

Revenue neutral rate hearings are required by state law because the county’s property tax revenue is estimated to increase, even with the mill levy rate estimated to decrease this year.

The proposed budget’s mill levy is estimated at 24.568 mills, a decrease of nearly one mill. It’s made up of the County Taxing District (17.744 mills), the Library Taxing District (3.808 mills), and the Park and Recreation Taxing District (3.016 mills).

County Manager Penny Postoak Ferguson presented the proposed 2023 budget to the Board of County Commissioners on May 12, 2022. The proposed budget totals $1.65 billion, with the proposed Capital Improvement Program totaling $264 million.

Following the public hearings, the budget is scheduled for formal adoption on September 1. The budget will run from January 1-December 31, 2023.

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