Johnson County Stormwater Management Program funds Prairie Village flood prevention project

New sidewalk, storm sewers and road surface along Mission Road in Prairie Village

Johnson County’s Stormwater Management Program funds stormwater improvement and flood prevention projects in cities across the county. One such project, recently completed by the City of Prairie Village, is a flood control project along Mission Road.

Mission Road previously dropped sharply in elevation around 68th Street, with Brush Creek overflowing during rainstorms. As a result, water would flood the roadway, causing thousands of dollars in damage and emergency response operations. The project raised Mission Road by nearly five feet and built new retaining walls and sidewalks to prevent flooding.

The Stormwater Management Program, operated by Johnson County’s Public Works department, split the cost of the $4.4 million project with Prairie Village. Additionally, Johnson County Wastewater funded wastewater upgrades as part of the project.

Including the Prairie Village project, the Stormwater Management Program has helped cities fund more than $200 million in stormwater improvement projects. The 2024 Stormwater Management Program totals more than $20 million.

Along with the Stormwater Management Program, Johnson County Public Works also manages the County Assistance Road System, or CARS, program. This program funds roadway enhancement projects in cities across the county.

Since the Stormwater Management Program and CARS programs began, the county has invested more than $700 million in more than 425 projects. Last October, the Board of County Commissioners approved the 2024 plan, allocating more than $40 million. This includes 10 stormwater projects in seven cities and 11 CARS projects in 13 cities this year.

Stormwater Management Program funding comes from a 1/10-cent sales tax authorized by the Kansas Legislature in 1988 and approved by the Board. CARS funding comes from a combination of a revenue from a gas tax and county support.

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