Johnson County Catch-a-Ride needs your help

Catch-a-Ride volunteer and rider

Are you interested in driving county residents to critical appointments? Catch-a-Ride is seeking volunteers! There is a special need for drivers in rural areas such as Gardner, Spring Hill and De Soto.

Catch-a-Ride is a completely volunteer-based program in which elders, people with a disability, and people in a major life transition are given rides to medical appointments, grocery stores/food pantries and social service agencies. Clients are people who cannot drive themselves and do not have a network of people who can drive for them.

Volunteers can drive “anytime, anywhere” or only at certain intervals or in certain areas of the county. We are very respectful of driver needs and schedules. 

If you are interested or want additional information, please contact Brandy Hodge at 913-715-8859.

Aging and Human Services