Wastewater Development Advisory Committee - Fall Meeting

The Wastewater Development Advisory Committee (WDAC) is intended to serve as a conduit between Johnson County Wastewater (JCW) and the development community.  They are to review, advise and/or recommend new modifications or eliminations of JCW processes, procedures, and other requirements for the improvement of sanitary sewer area development or redevelopment while recognizing the importance of maintaining the integrity of the sanitary sewer system.

The Wastewater Development Advisory Committee will hold a meeting to discuss the following: 

  • Recent action reducing committee membership size 
  • Results from the compaction subcommittee 
  • Update on review process improvement 
  • New business 

Access to the meeting can be obtained using the Zoom link below. 
Zoom Meeting Link: https://zoom.us/j/98584440004?pwd=cGViM0hHbEpaMkZrTUhLV1Z0YjVQQT09 
Meeting ID: 985 8444 0004 
Passcode: 484625


  • Stuart Lord
  • Harold Phelps
  • Danny Anderson
  • Mike Bader
  • Chip Corcoran
  • Jack Messer
  • Susan Pekarek
  • Aaron Witt 
  • Greg Prieb (Absent) 


  • BOCC Action Reducing Committee Size 
    • Approved 9/30/21 - Susan and Aaron not official members of the committee but will remain involved.  Committee now made up of seven members. 
  • Subcommittee Updates 
    • Compaction – 8/25/21 meeting – (See attached minutes of meeting) 
      • Question on the additional cost for full time geotech inspection.  This inspection method is an alternative being offered rather than hauling in more uniform material capable of standard density gauge testing.  Clarified that in order to receive a confidence letter from the geotechnical engineering firm following construction, full time inspection from the geotechnical firm would be required. 
      • How will this be handled administratively?  A request from the contractor, design engineer, and recommendation of geotechnical engineer would be submitted to JCW project manager for consideration.  
      • Motion made (Harold Phelps), Second (Danny Anderson); Recommendation to accept the subcommittee proposal for inclusion into JCW specifications. 
      • Group recommended a clarifying email for the process be sent to the engineer and contractor community once specification change is made. 
  •  Additional Items 
    • Minimum Plan Requirements and Commercial Plan Requirements. 
      • Harold Phelps nominated Mark McGill to be a part of both subcommittees (MPR and CPR).  Clarified that two review groups or subcommittees would be likely, one for each requirement document. Jack Messer nominated Jim Brown as a good resource on the CPR. Shannon Parks will be the lead from JCW, with subcommittee leads as Alec Duvall and Nathan Strawder.  Recommendation is to prepare drafts for the committee to review and decide if subcommittees should be formed. 
    • Remote Inspections 
      • JCW has piloted a few inspections being completed remotely.  Positive response to pursuing remote inspections and looking at other opportunities. 
    • Service line stub termination location 
      • Stuart will set up a conference call with JCW inspectors, Danny Anderson, Mike Bader to further discuss the issue and potential solutions.   

Date: October 12, 2021
Time: 10:00 am

Sunset Building

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