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Facilities Management

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Major Initiatives

Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM)

Further development of our Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system to include a building condition assessment component. This initiative will connect  daily on-demand work orders, preventative maintenance, Capital Replacement Program, drawing and space management strategic planning, and other facility management functions.

Our objective for use of a CAFM system includes:

  • To help ensure the organization's assets are fully utilized at the lowest possible cost, while providing benefit to every phase of a building's lifecycle.
  • To support operational and strategic facility management, i.e. all of the activities associated with administrative, technical, and infrastructural FM tasks when the facility or building is operational, as well as the strategic processes for facilities planning and management.

Standards for Delivery of Electronic Document Information

Capital Replacement Program (CRP)

A Capital Replacement Program looks at major repairs and replacements over a number of years and allows for planning and funding to pay for large replacements. Further development of our Capital Replacement Program (CRP) to include details about major equipment, building envelope, condition, and remaining life etc. to better manage replacement on a long term and sustainable basis. The CRP takes a long term view of buildings, equipment and financial needs related to property ownership and management. Condition of properties and equipment are assessed, researched, tracked and projections are made about the remaining life and replacement costs. Funding is requested based upon the replacement projections.

Energy Analysis and Retrofit

A multi-year program identifying opportunities to retrofit building systems for energy savings. Lighting, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are being evaluated and retrofit projects identified which are projected to have a ten year or less return on investment.

Strategic Facilities Master Plan (SFMP)

The Strategic Facilities Master Plan is an analysis and policy guideline for the effective use and orderly acquisition and development of County facility and land assets. The SFMP supports and perpetuates the strategic business plans for each department as well as for the organization overall. The SFMP serves as a tool for prioritizing needs and establishing short-term and long-term strategic decisions. The plan is kept accurate and timely through annual updates done in conjunction with the Capital Improvements Program process. The SFMP is also an ongoing, flexible, planning and decision-making tool for the Facilities Department and the organization.