JCW Residential Rate Calculator

Please use the 2024 calculator below to calculate your JCW bill.

If you are unsure of your AWWU (how much water you use during the winter months), the single-family residential class default is 11,400 gallons. The current volume charge is $9.85 per 1,000 gallons of water and the Service Charge is $21.25 per bill.  The Service and Volume charges recover costs associated with Capital and Operating expenditures.  Service Charge also recovers costs associated with billing, collections and treating storm and groundwater entering the sanitary sewer system.

Average winter water usage is the best measure of the volume of potable water used at your property during the winter months that reasonably estimates the volume of wastewater discharged from your property.

Calculating Your 2024 Residential Sewer Charges.

Residential customers are billed bi-monthly and charges are determined by multiplying the average winter water usage by the volume rate and adding the customer service charge.