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Johnson County Wastewater (JCW) reviews and approves products and processes for use in conveying and treating wastewater in JCW’s service area to minimize the total cost of acquiring, operating, maintaining, and renewing assets to deliver the levels of service desired by our customers and required by our regulators.

Product Evaluations

Where Required

Manufacturers and vendors must complete a Product Evaluation to have a product or process listed on JCW's Accepted Products List.  Products are evaluated by JCW’s Product Evaluation Committee (PEC) on the basis of meeting JCW standards, JCW specifications and noted evaluation elements. 


All applicants shall contact JCW prior to applying.  JCW will not accept unsolicited applications.  Refer to the Product Evaluation Application for Submittal Package preparation instructions.  Applications shall be submitted through My Government Online (MGO).  The following items are required:

Application Type(s):
  • Product Evaluation Application
Application Requirements:

Incomplete or improperly indexed submittals will not be evaluated.  Please do not leave any fields empty or omit any Supporting Documentation Package elements.  If an element does not apply for the product, indicate “Not applicable” and why.

Within approximately two (2) weeks of Submittal Package receipt, the PEC Review Leader will notify the Applicant of package status (confirmation of package completeness and indexing).  Complete and Properly Indexed Submittal Packages will be assigned to a PEC Evaluation Team and an evaluation time will be estimated.  The Applicants will be notified of the estimated evaluation time.

Upon completion of the Product Evaluation process, applicants will be notified of the results.  Products accepted for use will be included on the Approved Products List.


Product Evaluations are free of charge.


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