Adult Detox

The Adult Detoxification Unit is an eight-bed unit that assists individuals safely through the process of withdrawing from alcohol or other drugs in a non-medical setting. ADU accepts admissions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At ADU we believe that every individual deserves the opportunity for recovery. 

Adult Detoxification Admission Handbook  

The Adult Detoxification Unit (ADU) is a program of Johnson County Mental Health Center. ADU offers brief, non-medical care for individuals experiencing withdrawal or at risk of withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs. Download Handbook.


ADU services are designed to assist individuals safely through the difficulties and dangers of withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs. Symptoms are monitored and evaluated by ADU staff throughout the client's stay, and referred for medical care when necessary. 

Prior to discharge, clients are referred to other service providers for ongoing services or  connected with community-based recovery support groups such as AA or NA. 

Referrals to mental health services are made for clients with co-occurring mental health needs. 


Each client is assigned to a semi-private room with a bathroom. Bedding and towels are provided. Meals are served at the facility 


Services are available to individuals,18 years of age or older, who are in need of a safe, supportive environment in which to manage their withdrawal from alcohol and / or drugs.

Admissions Criteria

Referrals to the program are typically screened by telephone prior to admission to ensure appropriate placement, but drop-in clients may be admitted if appropriate. For screening information call 913-826-4100

  • Clients must have used alcohol and/or other drugs prior to admission and experiencing symptoms of withdrawal 
  • ​Clients must be medically stable and ambulatory. 
  • Clients must be free from suicidal, homicidal or psychotic behaviors. 
  • Clients on medications are accepted. Prescription medications must be in original pharmacy-labeled containers. 

For more information

For further information, referrals, pre-admission screenings: 

Adult Detox Unit: 913-826-4100