CFS Programs

Johnson County Mental Health Center's Children and Family Services (CFS) help families to improve their quality of life at home, at school, and in the community through comprehensive mental health programs. 

Parent Connect

Parent Connect | Support. Educate. Empower.

Parent Connect is a monthly gathering where parents get the opportunity to connect with other parents to learn effective strategies for managing symptoms and behaviors and build their knowledge of available resources in the community. This group features community experts and is open to any Caregiver in the community.

Parent Project

This 16-week long class is designed for strong-willed children ages 11 to seniors in high school. Facilitators lead the first 10 sessions and parents lead the final six, following the UCLA parent support group model. The goal of the group is to develop a bond between parents for ongoing and continued support outside of JCMHC. This class helps parents to learn concrete, practical advice that they will be asked to utilize in their weekly homework assignments. 

Potential indicators of out of control or strong-willed behavior:

  • Refusal to help around the house or comply with directions
  • Screaming or swearing at caregiver
  • Using social media in unsafe ways
  • Running away or threatening to run away
  • Physical or violent interactions with the caregiver
  • Exploration or use of drugs/alcohol
  • Refusal to attend school or complete work
  • Involvement in gang-like activities

Parent Project Junior

Loving Solutions is a parent-training program specifically designed for parents raising difficult younger children, ages 5-10 years. With special application to ADHD issues, Loving Solutions employs a behavioral model to help parents both motivate children to do constructive tasks and manage unwanted behaviors. The programs “Steps of Success” (S.O.S.) home practice assignments help create a solid foundation for change

Mandt for Families

The Mandt System Building Healthy Relationships since 1975

Mandt for Families introduces the concept that if you can manage and control yourself, then you can then better interact with others. In just under two hours families will learn how to replace behaviors labeled as challenging with new behaviors. This supports and empowers family members to feel safe in their relationships. This feeling of safety and empowerment opens the doors to healthy development, growth, learning, work, play and living. By using Mandt for Families, families can build a strong foundation in which all members can say: “In this place, and with these people, I feel safe.

Free Parenting and Childcare Provider Resources

Children and teens can develop the same mental health conditions as adults, but their symptoms may be different or hard to identify. If you need help recognizing behaviors of concerns and how to connect children to services check out this page with free parenting and childcare provider resources.