Law Library Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in researching the law? The law library at the Johnson County Courthouse has most resources you'll need related to state and federal law. Learn more about the library, and find answers to the most frequently asked questions — from location to photocopying to staffing.

Is the law library open to the public?

The Law Library is open to the public 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays - Fridays except county holidays.

Where is the law library located?

The library is located in Suite 1900 of the Johnson County Courthouse at the corner of Santa Fe and Kansas Avenue in downtown Olathe. We are approximately 1 1/2 miles west of the Santa Fe Exit on I-35.

Will someone help me get started with my legal research?

Yes. Tell us what the legal issue or question is that you want to research and our staff will direct you to research materials on that subject. We do not have staff to do legal research for you.

Can I obtain legal forms from the law library?

See the Self Help Center website for family law forms.

Can the law library staff answer my legal questions?

No. We are not attorneys so we can’t give you legal advice, tell you what form is needed, what word to use in a form, interpret the law or interpret a legal document.

How do I contact Kansas Legal Services or other services if I need legal assistance?

How do I find an attorney if I don’t qualify for Kansas Legal Services or other services?

  • Kansas Bar Association Lawyer Referral Program
    You are screened for the legal matter involved and your willingness and ability to pay a lawyer an appropriate fee for their services. You are then directly connected to an attorney if an appropriate attorney is available.
    Call: 1-800-928-3111
  • Attorney Directories
    The law library has local, state and national attorney directories.
  • Kansas Legal Services Lawyer Advice Line
    You can speak with an attorney immediately by phone if an appropriate attorney is available. You are charged $3.00 per minute on your credit card for the time you speak to the attorney.
    Call: 1-800-723-6953
  • Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory
    Includes biographical information about lawyers, names, addresses, phone numbers, law school, areas of practice at

How much do photocopies and computer prints cost?

$0.25 per page. We accept credit cards and cash.

Does the law library have word processing?

Yes. The library computer terminals are equipped for word processing with Word. Prints are $0.25 each.

Does the law library have an online legal research service?

Yes. The library has Westlaw and Lexis on site. Results can be emailed or downloaded to a flash drive. Prints are $0.25 per page.

Bloomberg Law is also available.  Bring a flash drive or pay for prints.

Can law library materials be checked out?

Only registered attorneys may checkout materials.

Does the law library have Internet access?

Yes. The library has public computer terminals that are equipped for Internet access and there is wireless access for laptop users.

Does the library have tax forms?


Who are the law library trustees?

The Law Library Board of Trustees are appointed in accordance with KSA 20-3127. The Board consists of five members: two judges of the 10th District Court, and three members of the Johnson County Bar Association. The Clerk of the District Court is the Treasurer of the Law Library.

Tenth Judicial District Members:

  • Judge Jacquelyn E. Rokusek, Division 19  
  • Judge Paul Burmaster, Division 14

Johnson County Bar Association Members:

  • Mary Buhl, Johnson County Legal Department (1st term ends Dec. 31, 2024)
  • Michelle Carter-Gouge, CVS Health (1st term ends Dec. 31, 2024)
  • Jason R. Covington, Jones, McCoy & Covington, P.A. (1st term ends Dec. 31, 2023)

Are law library trustees meetings open to the public?

The meetings are open to the public. The Law Library Board meets at noon the third Wednesday of every month, except for in the months of March, July and December.  Please contact the Law Library at (913) 715-4154 to request a Zoom link to attend a meeting.