Weather-Ready Nation

About Weather-Ready Nation:

Weather-Ready Nation (WRN) is a movement to unify communities in preparation for our nation's increasing vulnerability to severe weather.

  • Building this Weather-Ready Nation requires more than government alone; it requires innovative partnerships throughout our communities and across all segments of society. These partnerships are recognized by the WRN Ambassador designation.
  • WRN Ambassadors play a pivotal role by helping to build a community that is ready, responsive, and resilient to the impacts of severe weather.
  • "Weather-Ready" is more than just a designation; it's a commitment to promote awareness, safety, resiliency, and adaptability through the everyday actions and operations of your organization.

Weather-Ready Johnson County:

Johnson County Emergency Management is promoting a Weather-Ready Nation by educating the community on severe weather awareness and preparedness, conducting training exercises for weather spotters, and disseminating weather information via platforms like NotifyJoCo and social media. In addition, we are also partnering with the National Weather Service to educate organizations on WRN and recruit WRN Ambassadors.

How to become a WRN Ambassador:

WRN Ambassadors work to inspire others in their community and sphere of influence to be better informed and prepared for severe weather. Ambassadors can encourage change in their community in a number of ways, including:

  • Promoting employee preparedness both at home and work
  • Demonstrating ways to integrate preparedness into every day life
  • Offering services and products that can help mitigate the effects of severe weather
  • Developing a Continuity of Operations Plan for your organization
  • Sharing your success stories

Begin the process

Johnson County WRN Ambassadors:

  • City of Shawnee
  • Johnson County Emergency Management
  • United Methodist Church of the Resurrection

National List of current Weather-Ready Nation Ambassadors