Tactical Communications Team

communications vehicle mobile parking lot


The Tactical Communications Team (TCT) is a Special Operations branch of the ECC, and is part of the Emergency Communications Center.

The only such group in the Kansas City area, the TCT is comprised of ECC operations staff specially trained in all aspects of incident management and scene operations. Their training includes fire ground communications and operations, incident management and emergency vehicle operations. Their mission is to provide assistance to incident commanders in order to safely and effectively mitigate fire, EMS or law enforcement incidents.

The team is deployed to any large scale, or otherwise significant, event to assist the Incident Commander (IC) and other Command Sector Officers with scene communications, resource management, logistical support, documentation, and various other tasks. With TCT, providing these services, the IC is able to focus their attention on the incident itself and its resolution. Additionally, by running the incident’s communications on scene, TCT members are able to shift the workload away from Center staff which allows them to maintain normal operations.

The TCT members operate in teams of two or more determined by the size and length of the incident. The team can operate with the IC in their command car or by deploying and utilizing the Communications Unit.

The Communications Unit (Comm1) is a mobile command post hosting an array of communications systems that provides the capability to contact any agency in the county and metro area. Comm1 is a regional metro asset that is available upon request by other emergency services to assist with any significant events that occur. Comm1 also carries supplies and equipment needed to fully support an IC at an event site and to streamline the management of an emergency operation.