Court Hearings for Failure to Pay

Obligors who do not make support payments as ordered may be served with an Order to Appear for Failure to Pay. Service is generally attempted through the Johnson County Sheriff. 

If the Obligor is living outside the jurisdiction of the Johnson County Sheriff, service may be made by the Sheriff in the county in which the Obligor lives (if in Kansas). In some instances orders are also served by Special Process Server.

Served with the Order to Appear

When served with the Order to Appear, the Obligor is given a hearing date and is ordered to appear before the Hearing Officer to review the payment record. These hearings take place in the Johnson County Courthouse, room 336.  Also appearing will be an attorney from the Court Trustee's office representing the Court's support order. The Obligee in the matter is encouraged to attend, but is not required to do so.

What if the Obligor missed the hearing?

If the Obligor has been personally served with an Order to Appear and fails to appear for the Court hearing, a warrant for their arrest may be issued.

After a Hearing

The Hearing Officer, after hearing statements from the Court Trustee, the Obligor and any other parties to the case, may enter orders in the matter as deemed appropriate for the case. The Hearing Officer may set another court date ordering the Obligor to reappear for further review of the case.