Community Behavioral Health Team

Man outdoors in wheelchair.

The Community Behavioral Health Team is a cross-functional team created through a partnership between JCDS and Johnson County Mental Health that provides positive behavioral supports to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who also have a co-occurring mental health diagnosis.

Behavioral Health staff provide case management and therapy services. They work one-on-one with the individual and their circles of support to identify, secure, and sustain resources needed to attend school and live, work and participate as fully integrated members of their community. Staff address mental health and developmental barriers that interfere with daily living, teach coping skills and increase social skills needed to develop healthy relationships. Both individual and family therapy is available through CBHT.

Begin the application process for IDD eligibility

Contact the Johnson County CDDO at 913-826-2600.

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What would a Behavioral Health Specialist do?

  • Explore recreational and socialization opportunities available in the community
  • Teach skills necessary for successful relationships
  • Identify and implement strategies with the individual and their supports to increase success at school and work
  • Address mental health barriers to developing independent living skills
  • Develop Positive Behavior Support (PBS) and behavior management strategies

What is the criteria to receive CBHT services?

In order to receive CBHT services, you must:

  • Live in Johnson County and be five years of age or older
  • Qualify for intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) services through the CDDO
  • Have a co-occurring mental health diagnosis
  • Qualify for treatment through Johnson County Mental Health Center

To access services with CBHT, individuals must have been found eligible for IDD services through the Johnson County CDDO and be eligible for mental health services through Johnson County Mental Health Center.

Where are services provided?

Most services are offered in the community where the individual lives, works, attends school, receives day or residential services and socializes.

Obtain mental health services

Open Access is available M-F from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on a walk-in basis at the following locations:

Olathe Office 1125 W. Spruce St.

Shawnee Office 6440 Nieman Rd.

Visit Johnson County Mental Health

For additional information on mental health services, please call Johnson County Mental Health Center at:


For immediate crisis needs, please call Johnson County Mental Health Center’s crisis line at:


Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.