Commercial Parties and Celebrations

Sec. 50-150. - Enforcement and penalties.

Violation of any provision of this division shall be a public offense, punishable upon conviction by a fine in an amount not less than $25.00 and not more than $100.00 for each offense.

(Res. No. 66-88, art. 6, § IV, 7-28-1988)

Sec. 50-151. - Permit required.

No person shall conduct, operate, manage, or participate in the administration or management of a commercial party or celebration, as defined in this article, without first having obtained a permit as required and provided by this article.

(Res. No. 66-88, art. 6, § I, 7-28-1988)

Sec. 50-152. - Qualifications for issuance of permit.

A permit for a commercial party or celebration shall be issued under this division only upon satisfaction of the following requirements:

(1) The applicant is a person 18 years of age or older;

(2) The applicant files with the application a detailed site plan for the event, which, at a minimum, shows:

a. The location and provision for any structures and all utility services, including water, electricity and sanitary facilities; and

b. Provisions for parking and transportation to and from the event.

(3) The location of the event is private property zoned for agricultural or commercial use, and the owner of the property files a written consent to the event;

(4) The conduct of the event will not occur within 1,000 feet of any occupied residence or dwelling unit other than that of the owner of the property where the event will occur, and the area to be occupied and used for the conduct of the event, exclusive of parking and transportation routes, shall not exceed one acre of total land area, unless the county manager grants an exemption from the area limitation to the applicant. An exemption shall be granted only when the county manager determines that:

a. Use of a greater area will not adversely impact surrounding properties;

b. Use of a greater area is reasonably necessary to conduct the event and is reasonably related to the type and nature of the event; and

c. The location of the event is adequate to accommodate use of a greater area, considering traffic flow, sanitation, and surrounding land uses.

(5) The operator of the event posts a bond with the county in the amount of $10,000.00 covering the proper operation of the event and restoration of the property;

(6) The operator files with the county proof of liability insurance covering the specific event with policy limits of at least $500,000.00 per occurrence;

(7) The operator provides written plans for providing security, sanitary facilities, emergency services and first aid, fire protection, and waste disposal and cleanup.

(Res. No. 66-88, art. 6, § II, 7-28-1988)

​​​​​​​Sec. 50-153. - Conduct of the event.

Any commercial party or celebration conducted pursuant to a permit issued under this article shall be operated under the following conditions:

(1) Hours of operation. No commercial party or celebration shall be conducted before 7:00 a.m. or after 1:00 a.m.

(2) Time duration. No commercial party or celebration shall be conducted for a time period of more than two continuous days.

(3) Limitation on number. No more than one commercial party or celebration shall be conducted per month at any one specific location, and no more than four events shall be conducted at any one location during any 12-month period.

(4) Attendance. No commercial party or celebration shall be conducted with an actual attendance in excess of 5,000 persons, and no person under the age of 18 shall be admitted to the commercial party or celebration unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

(5) Code compliance. The operator of any commercial party or celebration shall comply with all applicable state, federal and local rules, laws and regulations applicable to the activity being conducted, including but not limited to laws applicable to the sale and consumption of alcoholic and cereal malt beverages, and all structures and utility services shall comply with applicable building, electrical, fire and safety codes and all requirements and regulations of the department of health and environment.

(6) Lights and sound. All artificial lighting sources used during operation of a commercial party or celebration shall be erected, arranged and maintained in such a manner that they comply with the requirements of the zoning administrator of the county for height and illumination intensity for outdoor lighting, and all sound amplification equipment and public address system used during operations of the commercial party or celebration shall be arranged and maintained in a manner which allows the sound and noise to be controlled at levels which will not cause undue public disturbance in any nearby residences or dwelling units.

(7) Traffic and parking. The operator of any commercial party or celebration shall provide for personnel to control and regulate traffic and parking throughout operation of the event. Temporary traffic control signs and no parking signs shall be obtained from the office of the county sheriff and shall be posted in the places and manner deemed advisable by the sheriff. No parking signs shall be posted upon all public roadways located within 1,000 feet of the property upon which the event shall take place, and no person attending or participating in the event shall be allowed to park any vehicle upon any public roadway or road right-of-way.

(8) Sanitation and rubbish. The operator of any commercial party or celebration shall provide for adequate and acceptable sanitary facilities for use by persons attending or participating in the event, and all rubbish, trash, and waste products shall be cleaned from and removed from the premises at least once each day during operation of the event.

(9) Restoration. Upon completion of the event, the property shall be restored to the condition which existed prior to the event.

(Res. No. 66-88, art. 6, § III, 7-28-1988; Res. No. 012-12, 5-31-2012)

Secs. 50-154—50-174. - Reserved.