Welcome to the new jocogov.org

Illustration of house with driveway in front promoting new jocogov.org

As you can see, we have launched the new and improved jocogov.org. The new home has undergone construction for the past several months to provide a new and improved online experience based on data and feedback from users like you.

What can you expect from your new home?

Improved site layout

  • Better access to important information for the community.
  • More intuitive navigation and easier-to-find content.
  • One entry point for paying all county bills or fees.

Improved usability

  • Significantly improved search tool connecting you to information you want from our website, as well as other county-related websites, like our Library and Park and Recreation sites.
  • Responsive design optimizes the website whether viewing on a small or large screen.
  • Enhanced ADA accessibility with ongoing compliance monitoring to make the site useful for everyone.

Improved availability and security

  • Redundant hosting to increase availability of the website for all users.
  • Segmentation of the website from Johnson County Government applications to improve security.
  • Enhanced monitoring and response to suspicious cyber activity.

The New jocogov.org

Questions about the new jocogov.org

Why build a new website?

Johnson County Government began building a new website in fall of 2020 to provide the community a better online experience. The overall goal is to make it easier for our customers to do business with us by providing a web experience that is engaging, intuitive and successful. The new site will feature improvements such as clearer navigation, content that is easier to find and use, a significantly better search tool and enhanced monitoring/response to suspicious cyber activity.

How old was your previous website?

While we launched our organization’s first website in the early 2000s, the most recent version of the site was launched in 2014. It is recommended that websites be redesigned about every 3 years, so it was time.

Why doesn’t the site work well in Internet Explorer?

The new jocogov.org website was built/optimized for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari and Mozilla Firefox internet browsers. For those who use Internet Explorer, the website won’t perform as intended. IE is an outdated browser and is no longer supported by Microsoft. We suggest viewing the new jocogov.org in Edge, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

What if I spot a problem with the new website?

Let us know! The easiest way is to fill out this short feedback form so staff can take a look.