Waiting list and portability

Statewide Waiting List

The Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) maintains the statewide wait list for individuals eligible to receive services through the HCBS I/DD waiver. To be added to the wait list, an individual must be a legal resident of Kansas, determined to meet I/DD eligibility requirements and have scored Tier 1 through 5 on their most recent functional assessment. An individual can't be on the I/DD waiting list if they are a recipient of other waiver services, with the exception of the Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED) waiver. If an individual moves outside Johnson County but remains in Kansas, they retain their spot on the waiting list.

When KDADS determines that funding is available to make waiting list offers:

  • The CDDO, along with KDADS, notifies the person or the person’s guardian and schedules a functional assessment.
  • The CDDO, in cooperation with the targeted case manager, will inform the person or the person’s guardian of available service options and assist them in choosing providers. The person and their guardian will also meet with their Managed Care Organization (MCO) to complete the Integrated Service Plan which authorizes the services necessary to meet the person’s needs.
  • If someone declines funding when offered, their name is removed from the waiting list and they must reapply.

Continuity and Portability

Once a person is receiving HCBS I/DD waiver services, he/she will continue to receive those services as long as:

  • The person lives in Kansas.
  • The person remains eligible for services.
  • The person’s funding is available.

If a person moves from one area in Kansas to another, his/her funding is transferred to the appropriate CDDO.