Proposed Budget

Development of the 2025 fiscal year budget is in progress. County Manager Penny Postoak Ferguson is scheduled to present the proposed 2025 budget to the Board of County Commissioners on May 23, 2024.

Timeline of the Budget Process

Budget Process calendar with key dates in the 2025 budget development process

Development of the fiscal year budget takes place from January-August. The County Manager and Budget and Financial Planning staff present a proposed version of the budget to the Board in May.

The budget is later modified after a series of work sessions by the Board. This is followed by a public hearing in August, then the Board’s adoption of the final budget.

Here's a timeline of key dates leading up to adoption of the 2025 fiscal year budget:

  • May 23: Proposed Budget Overview
  • May 30-June 21: Department Budget Presentations
  • June 3: Budget Open House: Central Resource Library
  • June 10: Budget Open House: Monticello Library
  • June 20-21: Board considers final budget
  • June 27: Board sets maximum expenditure budget
  • Aug. 20: Public Hearing and Revenue Neutral Rate Hearing
  • Aug. 29: Formal Adoption of Budget

Public Hearings

A public hearing for the 2025 budget is scheduled for Aug. 20, 2024.

Public hearings for the budget are required each year. If the county is to exceed the revenue neutral rate, a revenue neutral rate hearing is also required. This means that the county’s property tax revenue is to increase – even if the mill levy rate goes down.

If the county intends to exceed the revenue neutral rate in a given year, an estimated tax notice would be mailed to property owners with this information. You can learn more on our estimated tax notice webpage.