Submit Public Comment to the Board of County Commissioners

Brown podium in the Hearing Room featuring the Johnson County logo

You can provide public comments to the Board of County Commissioners through several different methods. This includes opportunities to speak during BOCC meetings either in person or virtually, submit written comment for the meetings, or contact your commissioner individually.

In addition to the option to attend BOCC meetings in person, live broadcasts of the meetings are also available through our online meeting portal and our YouTube channel. You can also find meeting dates, times and agendas on our meeting portal.

Registering for Public Comments

During Board of County Commissioners meetings, you can provide public comments either in person or via Zoom, audio only, during the public comment period at the beginning of the meeting. You can register to speak through the following ways:

  • Submit the registration form: If you’d like to speak in person or via Zoom, you may register by completing this registration form.
  • Sign up in person: If you’d like to speak in-person, you may also sign up in person by 9:20 a.m. prior to the meeting.

Online registration opens Tuesday afternoon/evening (coincides with publishing the agenda) and closes at 12 p.m. on the Wednesday before the Thursday meeting.

If you complete the registration, you will receive an email notice regarding the status of your registration. Instructions on joining and speaking at the meeting via Zoom will be included in the email notice for those who register to speak virtually.

Public Comment Process

Speakers will be limited to two minutes each. If needed, the BOCC has established a limit of 50 speakers for general public comments or for a specific agenda item, if the Chairman so chooses.

If more than 50 individuals register, the limited 50 speakers will be determined by a random process. If you are not chosen in the selection process, those who are virtual will be notified by email and those in-person will be notified with the “selected” being posted at the meeting.

Registered speakers using Zoom will be called upon to speak by the Deputy Clerk in the order in which they signed up. The Chairman may modify these procedures as needed to conduct an orderly and efficient meeting.

Speaking Guidelines

The public comment period provides citizens a forum to address the BOCC on matters that pertain to or involve the Johnson County Government, but which do not appear on the printed agenda.

If you speak during a public comment period, please keep these speaking guidelines in mind:

  • Speakers are encouraged to be professional, concise, courteous and respectful.
  • Comments should be addressed to the BOCC as a whole.
  • Speakers are encouraged to not make personal attacks.
  • Speakers should refrain from obscene, profane, slanderous, insulting or threatening remarks.
  • Speakers should avoid repeating prior speakers.
  • Speakers who agree with or wish to make the same comments as a previous speaker should simply state their agreement with the comments of that previous speaker.
  • Due to the use of county equipment, funds, and supplies, political campaigning and commercial advertisements are not allowed.

Violations are subject to audio streaming interruptions.

Written Comments

If you would like to submit written public comment for the meeting, please use the form below. Written comments received by 12 p.m. Wednesday will be shared with the entire board prior to the meeting. Written comments will not be read into the record during the meeting. If you are unable to use the form below, you may call 913-715-0424, and we will record your information.

If you want to contact a commissioner and don’t want your comments included in the public comments for a board meeting, please contact them directly. Emails you send to commissioners may be subject to disclosure under the Kansas Open Records Act.


Closed captioning is provided with the official broadcast of the BOCC meetings through our online meeting portal and on our YouTube channel.

If you plan to attend a Board of County Commissioners meeting and need an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter or other Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation, please use this form to let us know what reasonable accommodation you need or contact us at 913-715-0430 or via the Kansas Relay Operator at 800-766-3777 at least two business days prior to the meeting.

If you experience viewing quality issues using the live link, please view the meeting using YouTube. We apologize for any inconvenience.