Board of County Commissioners Priorities

The Johnson County Board of County Commissioners establishes its strategic priorities for periods of two years. The board adopted its priorities for 2023-24 on April 20, 2023.


Convene stakeholders and other partners to improve housing options for the resident needs identified in the Johnson County Housing Continuum.

Impact statement: Safe, stable, and attainable housing is a foundational element in an individual’s life and the overall health of a community.  Current activities include planning for those experiencing homelessness, vulnerable populations, and justice involved residents and supporting attainable housing projects across the continuum.


Johnson County will remain focused on the pursuit of completing, updating, funding, and implementing strategic plans in support of our growing and expanding community/region while continuing to maintain our existing infrastructure.

Impact Statement: Identify needs and seek partnerships to deliver initiatives for the rapidly developing northwest portion of Johnson County, while creating an Area Development Plan that will include not only traditional land use but also transportation, transit, and broadband infrastructure. 


Invest in and support a forward thinking, diverse and high performing workforce.

Impact Statement: A resilient workforce that maximizes the County’s ability to deliver exceptional services, contributing to a high quality of life for Johnson County residents.

Health and Safety

Johnson County strives to provide a high quality of life for all residents which includes a safe and healthy community.

Impact Statement: As we continue to make health and safety a priority, we will do so through the lens of sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion to promote a healthier environment and create a sense of belonging/connection throughout Johnson County.  This will be accomplished by considering sustainability and inclusiveness when making funding and policy recommendations/decisions.