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10 Things for a healthy yard

Johnson County cares about healthy yards because healthy yards mean healthy streams and waterways, which means healthy communities for people, pets and wildlife.

County leadership looking ahead to 2025 budget

We are now approximately one quarter into our FY 2024 adopted budget. The $1.79 billion budget ($1.26 billion in expenditures and $528.64 million in reserves) accomplished many things for our residents and workforce.

Take protective actions now to prepare for severe weather season

Thunderstorms, floods and tornadoes are all possible in Johnson County, Kansas, at this time of year. Planning for how to maintain and protect your health in a natural disaster or emergency is an important but often overlooked part of the preparedness process.

Spring 2024

The Spring 2024 issue of JoCo Magazine is now available. You can read the online edition now or the print edition when it hits your mailbox.

Connecting with You

Your feedback is crucial when we make policy decisions, and your participation is valued when we see you at events, whether they are ours or happening elsewhere in the community.
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