Budget and Financial Planning

Financial Policies

Financial policies serve as the guiding principles for the County’s financial management and annual budgetary process.

Budget Process

Each February, the Board of County Commissioners studies economic indicators that forecast the economic condition and predict general trends affecting Johnson County. With the assistance of staff and fiscal experts, including the advice and recommendations of the County Economic Research Institute, the Board estimates what the county's resources will be: revenue from taxes, from interlocal transfers, user fees, state and federal grants, and various other sources.

Budget Calendar

Important dates in the FY 2022 Johnson County Government Budget Schedule.

Proposed Budget

The FY 2022 Johnson County Capital and Operating Budget was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on September 2, 2021. The Adopted Budget document will be posted in late 2021.

Current Budget

Learn more about the current budget for Johnson County Government.
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