Recycling and Composting in Johnson County Buildings

Johnson County Government takes recycling seriously, and provide recycling options at all of their buildings. Not sure what can and cannot go into the recycling or compost bin? Find out what materials can be recycled and composted here.


What you see on the bin labels is not everything that can be recycled, rather it’s simply the most common items. It is important to remember to only put accepted items in the recycle bin. Putting trash in the recycle bin can cause good quality recyclables to end up in the landfill and can lead to Johnson County being fined for contamination. Please do your best to limit recycling to these items. And remember, WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT! 

Recycle Bin Label

Recycle Bin Label

The flyer below lists all items that CAN go in recycling at home and at work and materials that CANNOT go in the bin. Plastic bags, paper towels, and plastic straws are our main contaminants, so please keep them out of the recycle bin. If you aren’t sure if something is recyclable whether at home or at work, feel free to contact Brandon Hearn with the Department of Health and Environment

Acceptable Recycle List

All of our recycling ends up at the Waste Management Material Recovery Facility (MRF). Do you ever wonder how it gets processed? Here’s a short video of its journey through the facility:


MRF Virtual Tour 2020


Composting of certain food waste and paper items is available at the following locations:

  • Administration Building (Missouri Organic Recycling)- in the cafeteria
  • Johnson County Crime Lab
  • Sunset Drive Office Building- only in breakrooms

Please only compost what is listed on the sign on the compost bin. And remember, WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT! 

Johnson County is currently looking into expanding composting options, this page will be updated as new locations are added.