Statement on Kansas Supreme Court’s ruling on ‘dark store case’

Johnson County Board of County Commissioners Chairman Ed Eilert has the following statement: 

At 9:30 this morning we learned that the Kansas Supreme Court unanimously reversed the Court of Appeals ruling on the “dark store” case regarding the valuation of Walmart and Sam’s Club stores, reversing Prieb’s Court of Appeals decision and allowing for the consideration of all evidence of fair market value. 

We appreciate the Kansas Supreme Court taking on this case and providing clarity in this area.

A Kansas Supreme Court decision on the valuation of big box retailers is critical for local governments across the state of Kansas.

This case has been about equity for taxpayers. Every property owner in Kansas, from the large retailer to the homeowner, should be treated equally as the Kansas Constitution requires. Equity is an important factor in property appraisal.

Board of County Commissioners
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