Residents of unincorporated Johnson County can now apply for the 2024 Dust Abatement Cost Share program

A white car drives down a dirt road with dust kicking up behind it

Johnson County’s 2024 Dust Abatement Cost Share Program is now accepting applications. To be eligible for this program, residents must live on a gravel road in the unincorporated area of Johnson County.

This program involves spraying a product on the gravel road in front of homes to help reduce the dust. The road will still look like a gravel road, but the dust created by traffic is reduced. This is the fifth year of the program and each year has seen an increase in residents participating.

The program covers a 400-foot treatment area, and the county will pay for half the cost to apply the product while the resident pays the other half. Additional footage must be paid by the resident at 100%.

An application form and general information can be found at Applications and payment are due Friday, May 3, 2024.

Johnson County has about 135 miles of gravel roads. One of the issues that comes with living on a gravel road is dealing with the dust created by traffic. The dust gets in the air, on your vehicle, in your house and it can be a nuisance. To help with this issue, the Board of County Commissioners approved a dust control cost sharing program in 2020.

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