Peripheral Visions art exhibit, featuring studio works from JCDS Emerging Artists, opens at Kansas City Public Library

Image of artwork featured in the peripheral visions exhibit. Red and pink flower sketch.

A new art exhibit in Kansas City features studio works from Johnson County Developmental Supports' Emerging Artists program and Imagine That! KC, day programs for adult artists with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

The Peripheral Visions art exhibit will be on display at the Kansas City Public Library’s Central Library in the Mountain Gallery, located at 14 W. 10th Street, Kansas City, MO from Jan. 7-March 25, 2023.

Works by artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities are often shown on the periphery of the art world even when the artistic value and skill level are high. The exhibition duly spotlights dozens of artists from Imagine That! KC and Johnson County Developmental Supports’ Emerging Artists program.

One participant’s collage has been featured on a Charlotte Street Foundation public-art Crossroads Artboard; he also has published a collected works. Multiple artists are featured in the award-winning short documentary Emerging Artists.

Imagine That! KC and the JCDS Emerging Artists program support artists diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities, allowing them to sell and show their works locally and nationally alongside those of other artists. The exhibition provides a look into the program and at a compelling collection of art in a variety of media: pen and pencil drawings, textile sculpture, acrylics, collage and more.

There will be an artist reception, and screening of Emerging Artists, a documentary by local artist Lindsey Doolittle, and an artist panel on Feb. 9, 2023 at 5:30 p.m.

About the Programs

About JCDS Emerging Artists – The JCDS Emerging Artists Program is a day program offered through Johnson County Developmental Supports and consists of adult artists with intellectual/developmental disabilities who are passionate and driven to create artwork. Through this program, artists have the opportunity to show and sell their artwork at their studio, local art shows, galleries, and participate in marketing their work through their online store, Facebook, and Instagram. Sales from the artwork go directly to the artists. JCDS Emerging Artists enables artists to make money in an industry not typically open for people with IDD, and opens the door to equal citizenship, personal growth, communication, self-expression, self-advocacy, and self-esteem.

About Imagine That! KC – Imagine That! KC is an arts-based day program for creative individuals with developmental disabilities. Artists are supported by teams of other artists that help integrate the studio into the art community at a local, national, and international level. Artists market and sell their artwork through their online store, Facebook and Instagram.

About Emerging Artists Documentary – Emerging Artists is a documentary directed by local art educator, author, and artist Lindsey Doolittle. The documentary features the artists and the artwork of the JCDS Emerging Artists program, and recently won the judge’s and audience choice awards at the Independent Filmmakers Coalition of Kansas City event. Inspired by meeting Emerging Artist Ryan Sikes on a flight, Doolittle was excited to tell the stories of the artists that create in the studio.

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