New truck traffic restrictions to go into effect on Gardner Road

On Thursday, the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners approved a new restriction on truck traffic on Gardner Road between 199th Street and 215th Street.

Signs will be installed, and enforcement will begin during the next 30 to 60 days.

Truck restrictions in the area were made after the City of Gardner restricted truck traffic on 199th Street in their jurisdiction in 2022. Johnson County subsequently restricted truck traffic on other nearby substandard county roads to prevent trucks from circumventing Gardner’s restriction.

On May 10, Miami County passed a resolution to ban trucks on Gardner Road south of 215th Street.  These additional restrictions led to a situation where trucks exiting Interstate 35 onto Gardner Road could become trapped with nowhere to legally travel. Incidents involving trucks backing up and making U-turns at several intersections were reported, leading to the recommendation that the BOCC take action to pass the additional restriction on Thursday.

Please see the map of the area that details the new restriction.

Exceptions to the restrictions are for emergency vehicles, farm equipment, public works and trucks with an origin or destination within the restricted area that cannot reasonably use other routes.

The BOCC also approved directing county staff to prepare a letter from the Board requesting the Kansas Department of Transportation post signage along I-35 directing semi-truck traffic to appropriate exits within unincorporated Johnson County.

Map of Gardner truck traffic routes
Board of County Commissioners
Public Works