May 2022 BOCC recap

Here are highlights of the Board of County Commissioners’ actions and activities in May 2022. More information, including official minutes, votes and videos on all items is available at The board took the following actions:

  • Authorized a $1,000,000 investment, structured as a non-interest-bearing deferred mortgage lien with a 15-year term and affordability period, in Hedge Lane Apartments.  Annual principal reduction payments in the amount of $10,000 shall be made at the end of years 1 through 14, with the remaining principal balance repayable at the end of year 15.
  • Approved the Johnson County Developmental Supports reserve use plan including the creation of 7.5 FTE; and approved the reallocation and expenditure of fund balance (reserves) for FY 2022 for the Developmental Supports Fund in an amount not to exceed $700,000 for the first year of the plan.
  • Authorized a contract(s) with Freestate Logistics, LCC for the purchase of Shelf Stable Food Program for Older Adults in the amount not to exceed $500,000 per Invitation for Bid (IFB) No. 2022-043. 
  • Adopted Resolution No. 031-22 exempting a certain portion of an outside area of county owned property from the provisions of K.S.A. 41- 719(d) to allow the sale, possession and consumption of alcoholic liquor and cereal malt beverages.
Board of County Commissioners