Long-time partnership sparks Remarkably Resilient Together community campaign during Mental Health Awareness Month

Kathleen Harnisch McKune and Tim DeWeese smiling and posing for a photo at the Mental Health KC Conference.

TeamTech, LLC and Johnson County Mental Health Center have partnered to launch the Remarkably Resilient Together community campaign to raise awareness about trauma, healing, and resilience.

The campaign’s materials use practices like journaling and self-reflection to share ideas on how to emotionally regulate (self-calm when you feel yourself shutting down or getting angry) and practice regular self-care.

The campaign is an extension of a long-time partnership between Kathleen Harnish McKune, co-founder and CEO of TeamTech, and Tim DeWeese, Johnson County Mental Health Center director. Harnish McKune and DeWeese launched the campaign with a presentation earlier this month at the Mental Health KC Conference.

“Emotionally regulating and practicing self-care are important because our well-being matters, and we’re the best versions of ourselves when we’re emotionally regulated and our resilience cups are full,” said Harnish McKune.

Recognizing that the childhood trauma her and her sisters, Karen and Sharon, experienced was the root cause of their chronic health conditions, Harnish McKune set out to learn about the neuroscience of trauma and share the three sisters’ experiences to help others understand and heal from trauma and build resiliency in themselves. Sharing that experience led her to DeWeese and Johnson County Mental Health Center.

“Kathleen and her sisters share their impactful story with every employee of Johnson County Mental Health Center as a part of our trauma-informed care training,” said DeWeese. “We recognized there was an opportunity to connect our clients and community with their story and knowledge, teaching them the importance of self-care, self-reflection, and emotional regulation in responding to trauma and building resiliency.”

Initially, the campaign will provide the materials, as well as additional training opportunities with Harnish McKune, to Johnson County Mental Health Center’s employees and clients. Community members can also get the materials with a donation to Friends of Johnson County Mental Health Center, the nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization supporting JCMHC, at friendsofjcmhc.org/gift-campaigns.

As the campaign grows, Harnish McKune and DeWeese plan to bring their presentation and the Remarkably Resilient Together materials to additional conferences and connect with more community organizations and local businesses.

“Our hope is that sharing our story and these materials will aid many recovery and resiliency journeys at Johnson County Mental Health Center and in the larger community,” said Harnish McKune. “That impact at the individual level will ripple out to families, neighborhoods, communities, businesses, organizations, and beyond.”

TeamTech, LLC

TeamTech, LLC is a Shawnee, Kan. based, woman-owned small business that has provided strategic facilitation and leadership training for over 30 years. Their work is rooted in the trauma-informed principles of empowerment, collaboration, trust and safety where all voices are heard.

Remarkably Resilient

Remarkably Resilient is one of the legacy projects of TeamTech. The Remarkably Resilient workshops, presentations, keynotes and Remarkably Resilient Together materials are anchored by the lived experiences of the three Harnish sisters, the eldest a co-founder of TeamTech, who survived a childhood of incest and abuse. The story of these three sisters offers participants an opportunity to explore the healing role of the four R’s of their resilience journeys discovered during their study of the neuroscience of trauma: Relationships, Response, Recovery, and Regulation.

Johnson County Mental Health Center

As a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC), Johnson County Mental Health Center offers a wide range of mental health and substance use services in Johnson County, Kan. More information about those services is available by visiting jocogov.org/mentalhealth or calling the 24/7 crisis line at (913) 268-0156 to connect with a local, licensed mental health professional.

Friends of Johnson County Mental Health Center

Friends of Johnson County Mental Health Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization supporting the mission and vision of Johnson County Mental Health Center by offering resources and supporting initiatives to address unmet needs in the community. More information is available by visiting friendsofjcmhc.org.

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