Johnson County Government statement on today's shooting at Olathe East High School

All of us at Johnson County Government have the students, families and staff from Olathe East High School on our minds and in our hearts today. We are so grateful that no students were injured by the shooter.

We appreciate all of the first responders and public safety officers in the community who have and continue to respond to this incident and offer their support. We are especially grateful to the Olathe Police Department as well as Olathe East’s School Resource Officer whose actions helped ensure the safety of students.

“I want to thank the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and Johnson County MED-ACT for your response to this incident. In addition, thank you to our Mental Health Center who has provided co-responders and clinicians to support the students and families. We want the Olathe East High School community to know that you have our full support as you move forward from this frightening experience, and that Johnson County Mental Health Center counselors are a resource available to you,” said Johnson County Board of County Commissioners Chairman Ed Eilert.

We would encourage anyone in need of assistance or support to call Johnson County’s mental health crisis line (913) 268-0156.

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